PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal...yeah, it's fun.

I only got to spend about an hour with the beta last night due to family visiting from out of town,! It's really a lot of fun!

I was able to try out every character at least far Kratos and PaRappa are my favorites and I used each of them in several matches. I actually won the first two bouts I played using the two of them - which is a first for me...I've always gotten my ass handed to me when I try any fighting game online for the first time.

The game looks great - characters and the one stage on hand all look and animate beautifully. The stage hazards added a welcome layer to the action (attacks from Hades' chain hooks or a rain of arrows from the Patapons), help keep the tension high.

The move sets appear fairly deep for a party/bubblegum fighter, and button presses quickly translated into blocks, dodges, and hits. Lag definitely wasn't a problem...though I did experience a number of connection issues (which I suppose is to be expected for a beta).

I dunno...I know a lot of people are down on PlayStation All Stars for even existing, but I'd encourage anyone even remotely interested in fighting games to find a demo kiosk or download the public beta and give the game a try. In spite of the positive response the game has been receiving on GAF and in numerous previews (in addition to the EVO panels and personnel brought onto the project) I still had some misgivings about how good the final product would actually be. Those have all been dispelled. The game is a worthy addition to a highly underrepresented fighting sub-genre. Hell, I never - and I mean <i>never</i> - give a shit about playing fighting games online. PlayStation All Stars has me excited to do just that come November 20th.

Anyone else play the game yet? I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.