The iPad Mini is a sharp looking tablet, but I'm passing on it this generation.

Whenever we buy an electronics product, informed purchasers (like those who participate on tech blogs) want to ensure support for their device for as long as possible in this ever advancing by leaps and bounds tech world.

The biggest thing that worries me is the A5 processor, same as the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, 5th gen IPod Touch. It is the 2011 mobile processor carried over to this year for the cheaper mobile products. That's bad. The A4 which was the 2010 processor has already lost a lot of support from Apple on updating. The original iPad cannot even go to iOS 6, the iPhone 4, and 4th gen iPod Touch have iOS 6 but not all the features are there.

What I am getting at is Apple is rapidly cutting future support on its mobile products now, the original iPad has lost it completely after a year and a half since it was discontinued, 4th gen iPod Touch and iPhone 4 are still being sold but iOS 6 is missing several big things already. It stands to reason by the time iOS 7 comes, support for the A5 generation of products will be like the A4 has become now, (here's a token upgrade, but if you want the full iOS 7 experience get a new device) which Apple can be a little too cavalier about these days. I'm looking at you too Mountain Lion with non-support of most Macs prior to 2008-2009.

I am sure the iPad Mini will sell like hotcakes, but I think I will wait until it's specs more closely mirror the cutting edge big iPad and not the iPad 2 or iPod Touch. I would really hate it if come next fall it has already begun to get half an update, and lost all update capabilities by the time the AppleCare was even up. Technology and advancements are just moving too fast with Apple these days to buy into last year's hardware specs on a new device me thinks. Of course 99%+ of Apple purchasers coukd not care of such things and probably does not even cross their minds.