Fanboys, you're making us look bad.

Seriously stop making your own surface related thread about how the review is biased.

Before I dive in, Omnia 7 user for 18 months,I have the RTM version of Windows 8 installed on both my touch PC and my main desktop, I'm a skydrive 25GB user and have been using it for the past 5 year or so, ZUne/Xbox Music Pass holder. I'm well into the Microsoft Ecosystem, the only exception being I don't game on Xbox, I instead play on PS3.

With the introduction of "I'm a Microsoft fan and I actually use their services and products" out of the way I'll dive straight into why I believe the review is justified and that the surface was not meant to be "the iPad killer".

I cannot reccomend the normal surface to anyone because Windows RT hasn't proven it self yet. The point is the current state of Windows RT is new, it's fresh there's not many app experiences compared to say the iPad that has had 3 years to build up this collection of great apps dedicated to tablets. No doubt that Windows RT will get these apps with in a years time but that's not now. So who ever owns one will have to make the compromise of time, for these apps and experience to come to Windows RT.

Can anyone tell a normal person to purchase a surface over an iPad? Because despite how great Windows RT as an OS is, without applicatopm software backing it up you're going to be making that compromise compared to a competing eco system.

It's a waiting game, eventually it will become "the iPad killer" that people want it to be, but at this moment in time it just isn't.

From using Windows 8, I find the new environment much better than iOS and I can use it on its own but I'm able to make that decision however most people in the world aren't me and they will have to compromise for now.

If fanboys want to pick this apart go ahead, because I've probably waffled on with out making proper sense and I know I'm going to get a reply saying to use the web browser over apps because if that were the case then we should use a chrome tablet.

I just wanted to make this post to say that there are Microsoft fans (not fanboys) that agree with the surface score. The fanboys are just making any Microsoft supporters look bad.