I tell you why the iPad Mini will be sold like nuts

What is the difference between the iPad and the iPad Mini? That's a no-brainer; it's the size that matters, just like in real life. In that cause only the other way round. I will explain you why:

As you might have recognized the iPad Mini is being produced the same way like the iPhone 5, it has the same beautiful diamond finish plus aluminum volume rockers and sleep button. That increases the chic factor a lot compared to the iPad. Now comes the interesting part: That kind of finishing might especially attract women who care about looks and chic in gadgets. With the iPad Mini they now have device that easily fits into every ladybag to carry around., where the iPad is just too big. Additionally the iPad Mini comes with charming covercolors, especially pink. Once the Hollywood-celebreties discover the iPad Mini, they will have the gadget to get those whoos and ahhhs they love. Once the everyday girl realizes what their idols carry around, they would want to join that exclusive club. 329 $ is equal to a pair of shoes and pants, thus affordable.

And now the iPad Mini will skyrocket, just like the iPod ten years ago.

That is why the iPad Mini will outsell every other 7 inch, because they all lack that women attractiveness.