The meaning of the On The Verge Show intro

When On The Verge Show starts, they always play a short intro video of what seems to be somewhere in another planet and there is a glowing round light floating. Light flashes through the middle as if something really fast is passing by, then another glowing round light floating appears. What is the meaning of this? I'm sure the people at The Verge didn't just do this in random and there is a reason and a meaning.

I'm not sure, but one theory I have is that those two glowing lights represent 2 suns. Look at this recent article The Verge posted

There are 2 suns on that big picture from a masonic building. Does The Verge have an agenda to try to lead us into "singularity"?

Also in the show, the desk and the couch happens to be surrounded by a pentagram. I'm not sure if it means anything, ..just saying I noticed it.