How do you know when you've fully embraced Metro on the desktop?

I just installed Office 2013 on my work computer. i7 desktop with 30 inch Dell and 24 inch LG Monitors. I opened Word to make sure all worked fine and in the most natural way, I grabbed on to the title bar and threw the Word window down to the bottom of the screen! Well instead of closing Word, I put the window under my task bar out of reach (had to right click and select close from task bar). It took me a second or two to realize what I had done because I was surprised that the app didn't go away.

I would say that after using Windows 8 on my work machine with keyboard and mouse since August, I have finally crossed the line of no return. I find myself using Metro IE more than desktop IE, I even find myself using Windows Mail more than Outlook. I no longer use the Twitter website, I just pin ROWI to the left of my giant monitor.

The only bad thing about Windows 8 and the new Windows Store, is games like Jetpack Joyride! I spent at least 30 minutes playing it at work today... (shhhh.. if my boss saw this....) This would have never happened if I still had Windows 7 installed.