Some advice on purchasing a laptop? Dell XPS 12 vs Lenovo Yoga.

Just as the topic states, I'm looking to buy a new Windows 8 laptop and I love the idea of the convertible setup. I primarily want a laptop but came down to these two devices based on their abilities to have tablet functionality which is great for Windows 8. I've seen a lot of buzz around the Yoga but it seems the Dell XPS 12 has better specs. When it comes to price I see that Amazon has the Dell for $1110 which is cheaper than everywhere else. When you factor in the fact that Amazon has no tax you are only looking at a difference in about $40 between the two(base models - 999 for Lenovo at Best Buy).

The Dell has a better screen - 1080 vs 900 - and also has a backlit keyboard which is huge too me. I played with the Lenovo Yoga the other day and in all honesty it was awesome. Beautiful screen and everything felt great. Unfortunately, it seems like the Dell isn't going to be in stores for now. Being as I've never owned a Dell Laptop nor a Lenovo one before I wanted some additional input from others. I'm thinking of a MacBook Pro 13" too, but seems the Dell and Lenovo give better specs for the money as they both have SSDs and storage isn't that big of a need to me. And I realize this is the Microsoft forum but I figured I'd throw out there that I've flirted with the idea of a MacBook. They are nice. What would you purchase and why? The Dell just seems like a no brainer, right? Maybe there something I'm missing though.

I've seen a couple of posts from people raving about the Yoga but early reviews seem positive for the Dell. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm torn. Thanks.