The "iPad 4" dilemma

Ever since Apple's latest event this past Tuesday, I've been reading a million comments about people completely enraged at Apple for unveiling it's "new" iPad and essentially rendering their latest purchase of the 3rd gen iPad obsolete after just 7 months (as many of them have been putting it). That statement to me is just ridiculous.

I've also been reading some comments suggesting that this update to the full size iPad was in-fact just a spec bump- which it essentially was. A faster processor and Apple's new lightning connector. These comments were suggesting that Apple will still release it's next gen iPad in the spring like it always has, and to me, this makes the most sense.

In my opinion, Apple refreshed it's full size iPad for two reasons: to compete with the current and incoming crop of new tablets around the holiday season (via a processor spec bump), and to rid its now dated 30 pin connector in favour of its new lightning connector. I also refuse to believe this is in-fact the latest and greatest iPad because of what I just wrote- two changes. Who here is willing to believe that the next gen iPad will only have a CPU bump and a new connector? Don't you think the next gen iPad will at least carry more features such as a thinner and lighter design, as well as a better camera?

What do you guys think? Do you believe there will still be a new iPad in the spring or is Apple changing it's iPad(s) refresh cycle closer to the holidays?