Why I'm seriously considering a Nexus 7

Now I love Apple products, I won't hide that. I have an iPad 2, iPhone 4 and also about 3/4 iPods. My iPhone is perfectly fine as my phone, my iPod is perfectly fine as my music player, but my iPad, well that's a different story.

For things like viewing photos, making video calls and watching movies for a long period of time, my iPad is simply awesome. However there are some tasks, such as, reading books, web browsing, watching YouTube videos and so forth that I just don't like my iPad for that much.

When it comes to reading a book, I did so on my iPad when I recently went to Denmark, however, I felt ridiculous holding a nearly 10 inch tablet to read my book on, while it also felt awkward to hold in my hands for that long period. Watching YouTube videos has always been a pet hate of mine on the iPad, due to the fact it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and black bars just annoy me. This is a problem I have with my iPhone too, but I'm willing to overlook it on a mobile phone. And finally web browsing, while excellent on the iPad, I find I can't do for a long period of time as it feels awkward to hold the iPad for that length of time.

I was holding out for the iPad mini, in the hope that it would use a 16:9 ratio so watching those YouTube videos wouldn't be so annoying to me, but no, they stuck with their 4:3 design.

So this brings me onto the Nexus 7 and Android in general. I own a pretty low end Android phone in the HTC Desire C. Yes it's a pretty slow little thing, but it gets the job done and as my first Android device has shown me that Android is actually is really good OS. I have fallen in love with having a few widgets on my home screens, for example, and this is a more recent one, Chrome bookmarks. There are usually about 2 sites that I look at a lot on my tablet, The Verge and Techradar, so having that widget there to get to them straight away is really helpful. Also just simple widgets to toggle Wi-fi on/off are invaluable.

The Nexus 7 is the naturally the device I'm putting up against the iPad mini, and from a price perspective, I would get the Nexus 7 everytime. I can deal with the lack of tablet apps on a smaller screen, so it looks like an amazing offer for me.

What are you opinions ? Nexus 7 or iPad mini ?