Kinect Syndrome



After owning a Kinect for several months I've discovered a pattern. I’m not super crazy about the motion controls, don’t get me wrong they’re cool but not very practical for any precise gaming. I've discovered that involuntarily I've had the impulse to talk to my televisions…actually screens in general. I watch a lot of Netflix and I find the speech recognition part of the Kinect really useful, "Xbox pause!", "Xbox next episode!" yah I sound like a moron but when no one else is in the house its fun to use.

So, Kinect Syndrome: The involuntary impulse to voice command a screen.

Just a few days ago I was watching Netflix on the PS3 when without thinking about it I said "Xbox!" and I expected the little dashboard to pop up, giving me some voice options. I then after a second realized my mistake and then really wished I had that feature at that moment. I've been catching myself more recently before I yell out "Xbox!" on numerous occasions, once even at my friend’s house while watching a movie! Yah, kind of odd but it makes sense that Microsoft would build a feature that works well while also in addition brainwashes people. Now, whenever I see a screen, I want to yell Xbox.

So in conclusion, Kinect has turned me into a Xbox Zombie X /