Users of Amd Graphics cards 4000 series and below amd has listened

So today After browsing some hardware related news. I got a amd driver update for my mac pro using an amd 5XXX card. So I updated naturally. But going through it I read the patch notes. And amd has heard the Cries of all the AMD Radeon users, 4XXX cards and under I believe up to the HD 2XXX series, and released drivers for windows 8.

So without further ado, Click here to get your drivers

If you want the awesome blog post with about what amd has in store for windows users click here

Thought I should share the news with all you fans.

And yes I have a mac pro with windows 8 I actually never use osx on it :) , I find osx a very backwards os just saying. Either way enjoy you amd fans..