My view of of the Surface has gone from the reviews

I was blown away by the surface introduction, and I could not wait to get my hands on a surface tablet and give it a try. I use my iPad for 90% of daily tasks, but every now and then I wish it ran Office so I could do an email merge, or some advanced document editing. I was hoping the Surface would be the answer.

After reading the reviews, I no longer think the surface is the answer. I have read ALL the reviews, good and bad, and feel that the surface (running Windows RT) is more of a "stop gap" measure than the true advanced tablet OS Microsoft wanted Windows 8 to be.

That clumsy desktop GUI harkens back to the Pre-iPad Microsoft tablets that ran Windows XP with a touch overlay on top. It is clear that Microsoft wanted to abandon the desktop for the windows RT device, but for whatever reason they didn't have the manpower to properly port Word, Excel, and Powerpoint over to the "modern" UI. So in the end, we get this stop-gap, between worlds device, that tries to be everything and does it in a tacked-on way with a split-personality disorder.

When Microsoft originally announced Windows 8 and surface, I looked at their $25 dollar stock and thought, "this is a new renaissance for Microsoft, it's time to buy stock and ride the coming tide into triple digits." I no longer think this. In fact, this is starting to feel a lot like the HP TouchPad, great foundation, no apps, software that isn't quite there yet. Competing with the iPad, but not outcompeting the iPad.

That said, I WANT Microsoft to be successful. I think it puts pressure on Apple and the industry to make a better tablet experience. But it is looking pretty clear that Microsoft has a miss with the surface, and quite frankly Windows RT altogether. And the worst part about it all, is that the average consumer probably doesn't give a crap. They may try it, see that it has very few apps, and that the desktop experience is confusing and crippled, and give up. Consumers aren't going to wait months or years for the apps to come around.

My prediction: Microsoft is about to enter a dark age, greated by Palm and RIMM. Google, Apple, and Amazon will continue to reign. I HOPE I am wrong, but my gut says otherwise.

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