The Verge = Apple fanboys? WTF?

For as long as I can remember there have been Apple fanboys (like when Digg was the #1 source of tech news). The entire time there have been vicious anti fanboys. I think it is time the balanced voice of reason is heard. I know there are many people that read the Verge and love tech whether it be Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Open source, Apple... But why do commenter's and John Gruber have to be so extreme. If some one loves Android, Windows, OS X, I OS they are likely an intelligent human being capable of making informed decisions. If you think the Verge staff talking about how amazing what Apple has done and how good there products are makes them completely biased, illogical, Fanboys you have had your head in the sand for the last 5 years.

I am absolutely disgusted with the trolls especially on Youtube talking senseless shit about one of the best and fastest growing tech news sites on the internet. I think it is time we help the Verge advance nerd culture and make tech cool. The community needs to stand up to the socially insecure troll, who honestly thinks Apple is worse than shit itself since, he can use his Android device as external storage for his obscenely expensive gaming rig with 3 monitors that is the centrepiece of his social life.

I know my grammar sucks that is why I set tile for a living