Is anyone else feeling unsure about Microsoft's future?

Not flame bait, but its something that I've genuinely been thinking about over the last few days. Its clear where the future is heading: Tablets & phones (or "mini tablet computers" is really what they are these days). The "PC" as we knew it will die, which has up to this point been MS's bread n butter that they've been riding the coattails of. And Apple & Google pretty much owns the "post PC" market with their tablets & phones, which outsells regular "classic PCs" by pretty significant numbers. Now, we can argue that "tablets aren't computers" or "aren't meant for real work" or wherever else, but that argument is just superfluous. Thats obviously coming & companies that were once juggernauts in the aging PC industry are felling the pinch all over. We read about it every day it seems.

Anyways, after 2 years it seems like Windows Phone just isn't selling & app selection is pretty pitiful. The decent ones that are there seem like they haven't been updated in many months (are they abandoned?). Now, that all may change & I'd love if it did, but still. I'm still patiently watching & waiting. And what happens if Windows RT (the obvious future OS of Microsoft) suffers the same general lack of decent development & public interest, stagnating to the point of irrelevancy? Its certainly possible. This shift is clearly happening with or without Microsoft, and they're off to such a late start with all of this. Again, riding the coattails of the past & playing it safe for probably longer than they should have.

So what would they do if both of their new OS's ultimately fail to catch on? I mean, they can't exactly MAKE people buy these products, especially that they're practically brand new anyway & they're pretty much starting from scratch, all the while the other choices out there have been ripping it up for years now & are much more mature. Would they just downsize like crazy & just stick to making apps & software for the established ecosystems (Apple & Google), with Windows the OS being a memory?