Looking Forward and With Clear Vision

Let me start off by saying, I thought Josh's review of the Surface was fair and thorough and not as negative as some have made it. There are things in Windows RT and the Surface RT that will need improvement; and yes, there were more favorable reviews and also more negative reviews than what's on the Verge. If what you wanted was validation for a product you liked, you didn't want the product at all.

Having said that I still want a Surface. Even though I want a slightly larger screen and am partial to the Intel based version. But then I'm also trying to walk into this with my eyes open. And honestly so should everyone else. Windows RT is Windows, just not the one we're used to. It has no backwards compatibility and the desktop is essentially an app where you can go under the hood. It isn't focused on being what Windows is now, but about what's next.

A lot of you aren't going to buy Windows RT tablets, many want either iCore or Atom based Intel chips running your devices. Luckily for all the number of ARM devices will be small. Right now we are in version 1 with hardware and software. We also haven't seen RT road tested in the way Windows 8 has. There will be bugs and issues and that is unavoidable. Plans are always foolproof until you have to put them n practice. But in time these issues will get fixed.

Now some of you act like RT isn't important because it doesn't run x86 programs, but you ignore that part of the reason we are hyped to see Windows 8 is that we get a proper touch optimized environment. RT is about those types of apps on a chipset that gives Windows advantages enjoyed by iOS and Android.

Right now the important thing to remember is this is a transition period, things are apt to change. We will see updates to applications and the OS to improve issues. If the Surface is successful, we will see more, improved hardware. But it has to start somewhere.

My last bit of advice, if you don't like the Surface or RT there are other Windows devices from the usual suspects, go mess with them and see if you like them. Enjoy yourselves and technology. Good night people