How MS Blew the Surface RT Launch

Come back tomorrow and crap all over me if I'm wrong about this. Upon reflection, it seems to me that MS got caught up in the whole "counter release to steal thunder" thing that's been going on lately. I think they should have kept the Surface under embargo until launch day. I'm speculating they lifted it early to try to grab some attention away from the iPad Mini launch. It was a decision balanced against the lack of apps in the marketplace. I'm betting there are more apps there that they wouldn't show to the press because they want the WOW for launch day. It seems like software is the only place any company has even a hope of maintaining any secrecy in nowadays. Not to mention the ARM update that came through for the Surface a few short hours after the embargo was lifted. We can only wonder if that update might have addressed some of the issues raised in the reviews if the embargo had been kept on for two more days. If on launch day we see an avalanche of new cool apps from major players in the RT Ecosystem that MS has been sitting on, then I'm right.