They changed my life

Hey what's up? Tonight, I would like to share with you some part of my life and you'll understand later what I mean with the title. So, to kinda introduce myself, I'm a 21yrs old guy from Québec, the only french province in Canada and my main language is french. A little bit more than two years ago, I dropped school. I was in a language program where I was earning Chinese, Spanish and German. To be honest, I didn't really liked what I was studying. I guess I was there to study like all my friends and everybody else but I never have been motivated. So I dropped school and started working 32 hours/week in a supermarket at 11$/h (fortunately, I'm still living at my mother's house, I wouldn't be able to survive othervise). I've been doing this since I dropped school: working a bit, seeing my lovely girlfriend and seeing friends. But I always have this ugly feeling that I am wasting my life going what I do and that I should get back to school but I wasn't interested in anything. One day, I decided that I wanted to get an iPhone 3GS to replace my old iPod touch 2nd gen. It was the brand new just launched super smartphone that everyone was talking about. So, I wanted to get information about that phone before purchasing it, so I went on the web looking for some informations on it. I landed on a website called Engadget and started to read the review of the phone that I was looking for. I read the review written by Joshua Topolsky and I very liked it. Then, I bought the phone. I surprized myself by going more and more on Engadget. I was really liking the kind of website that they had but more than that, I liked the team (Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Chris Ziegler, Johanna Stern, Darren Murph, Richard Lai, etc) a lot. I really liked how they were briging good information about technology with sometimes a few laughs and fantastic shows that they were doing back then that was called "The Engadget Show". They were writing fascinating stuff and it was a whole new world for me. Then, I followed the team while my life was boring and slowly, I began to be more interested in technology and my English was better and better from day to day. One day, I learned that almost all of them were leaving Engadget so I left too and followed them on TIMN until it became The Verge. My knowledge was growing too! I was learning about ARM SoC and pretty much anything that has a link with mobility (Smartphones, tablets) but also with general technology. Now every day, I am closely following this website and the technology world with the very ambicious goal to learn as much stuff as possible. Recently, I made an important decision in my life. I'm going back to school and I'm going to study in journalism to become a tech reporter. They really changed my life by giving me a passion that I never had before in my life. A passion that I feel burning inside of me and that I'll make myself a pleasure to show and inform the rest of the world the future of technology, just like they did with me. They gave me a goal, a future with a job that I'll love doing when I'll graduate and even 30 years later. Thanks guys, you really changed my life and I'll never forget that.