Might Microsoft consider making the Touch Cover for OEM tablets?

Every review I've read rates the Touch Cover as one of the best things about the Surface RT. I had my doubts and while I still haven't used the product, everyone who has had nothing bad to say about it. I'm beginning to think that it was a mistake to not bundle it into every single Surface at the base $499 price.

Would Microsoft consider making the Touch Cover an official accessory for OEM x86 and RT tablets that are coming out soon?

I had the Asus Transformer keyboard and the whole thing felt awkward to use. I think MS nailed the aesthetics and ergonomics on the TC and its seems like a shame to limit it to just the Surface.

I know other tabs are coming in different sizes (10.1 and 11.6 inches mostly), and I don't know if that would create a problem in designing a variant that fits snugly with the body of the tab.