iPad 3 owners of Apple Core: Are you actually upset about the 4th Gen iPad?

I'm an iPad 3 owner and I'm not upset at all.

My iPad 3 hasn't stopped working or did become noticeable worse or slower since the announcement on tuesday. Now, 3 of 4 iPad models in the current lineup have an A5 processor (or some sibling like the A5X). So the A5 iPads are here to stay, will be supported by 3rd party developers and won't be excluded from the next major iOS update. After all, we don't live in Android-country, right..? ;)

And I don't know about you, but sooner or later, Apple had to make the shift of the iPad release/upgrade cycle to the holiday season. I've always thought that march/april was a weird time to upgrade a device which seems to be one of the top (Apple related) christmas presents. I really think, Apple could not have chosen a better time for this (at least not strategically).

So what about you guys?