it's just killing me to figure out apps count and why, someone plz help

So I understand this, for the average, apps is the way they now used to get things done, so the lack of apps might be a problem. But for us, I mean ppl hanging around tech sides all day, most apps seems to me is just a compensate for the existing OS's lack of capacity. By that I mean why would you need a facebook app when you have a fully functioning browser like IE or Firefox or whatever? I've been using that for a long time on my ipad but never find anything superior to the web version. But I'm not all that experienced, I only have like 10 at most apps I use a lot. So I'm going to ask you guys, for a winRT device, are apps really that important? No trolling plz, just want someone clear this for me so I could decide whether to buy or not... Thanks all