@The Verge on MS's "Event"

After seeing this morning's livestream, which I wasn't expecting at all because The Verge never reported on it, I realized that they weren't showing anything new. This was an event for the press. Not even the tech press more like the 11 o' clock news press.

Anyway I at first was confused. A Windows 8 "launch" event was happening and not only did the article about it go up extremely late but it didn't have a liveblog. MS fans shouted out in the comments section that the Verge has an anti MS bias, again. Even a few people like myself who didn't go so far to claim The Verge has a bias questioned how they handled it. But afterwards now I know why they didn't liveblog it. It wasn't important and showed nothing new.

The Verge handled the whole thing pretty poorly. This is my favorite tech site and my primary source of tech related news. The fact that I didn't even know there was going to be an event this morning or what the event was about, beforehand, is just sad. Now there a ton of people screaming bias and unnecessary flaming from various camps and for what?

Bottom line: The Verge could have easily posted an article on the event earlier on saying "It's a press event that won't show anything new so we won't be live blogging but here's a bunch of information on what we will be doing". That takes like 10 minutes to write and would stop any sort of confusion from occurring.

But now we'll have MS fans/fanboys unhappy, justifiably so, and a bunch of trolls jumping on the opportunity.