Why does the Nexus 7 not show tablet app interfaces?

One of Apple's big criticisms of the N7 in their iPad mini announcement was the lack of tablet apps. It's a fair criticism: we're short of them, although personally I find that the main apps I use have tablet interfaces (Gmail, Email, Plume, Friendcaster, Instapaper, Reader HD). But what's odd is that while we have landscape mode, it's not the true tablet interface. More than that, some apps that have tablet interfaces don't display them. The big ones are Google Talk, which has a nice landscape tablet interface on the Xoom and other larger tablets, and Google Reader (the main reason I switched to Reader HD). And you have to wonder why: these tablet interfaces have existed since Honeycomb, yet they're missing from the N7. The work has been done. Why doesn't Google let us use them on their flagship tablet, and make it even easier to criticise them for a "lack" of tablet apps?

I guess there's not really a question here, more just a complaint. Because it makes no sense for Google to hobble themselves this way.