Starting to lose my love for Apple....

Never really considered myself an Apple Fanboy or anti-Android.

Just somebody who wants nice stuff that works.

Bought an iMac and an iPod touch 2 years ago. Then a couple of iPhone 3GSs. Added an iPhone 4 for oldest son.

Just helped my younger son buy an iPad 3.

Was eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 (want new phones with better cameras), and the new iPod touches (old one not holding a charge very long anymore) and the iPad mini (sounded like it might be great).

First my iMac's SuperDrive crapped out a few months ago. Almost $250 to get it replaced because it was 2 months out of warranty. Checked with Apple (couldn't hurt, right?). No help. Oh well, it's a good machine - paid the $250, back in business.

I listen to lots of podcasts. No special app - just the "music" player. Apple releases it's Podcast App v1. Tried it. Slow. Buggy. eh. No likey. Deleted it.

Ok. Iphone 5 and new iPod Touches come out. Yay! But wait. IOS6 forces you to use Podcast App? And it's STILL slow and buggy? And the maps aren't ready for prime time? And the camera's no better than the 4S (well, better low-light but tradeoff causes fuzziness in "almost-low" light). And iPod touches are the same prices?

I began to worry the iPad Mini wasn't going to be "all that" either.

Well, it's out and it sounds great - but seriously....$329? C'mon man.

Hey I understand Apple is about making money, preserving the brand image...ok, ok.

But for the past few months all I see is a huge money grab coupled with poor quality software releases.

I don't mind paying SOME premium - For Quality.

I do mind paying ANY premium For Name Brand Only.

So for now I'm standing pat on phones. No new iPod touch or iPad mini, either.

Time to get really serious about exploring alternatives I guess.

Maybe I'll find myself in the Android camp in the next few months. Or maybe not.

But really, my bottom line point is Apple hasn't done anything in the last 6 months to KEEP me from seriously considering the alternatives. And I don't think I'm alone. Android already has more marketshare than iOS. And with Android you're not forced to use poorly-performing apps, right?