Why do you need or want USB on your tablet?

Some people say this or a variation of it all the time on the Verge. They either add 'usb' as a feature on a spec list or are disgusted at products which don't have it. I find it weird. I pretty much stream everything (samba, ftp, etc) with any tablet, but obviously that doesn't mean other people don't need a wired connection for some reason. It's just, I have never actually seen anyone here give a reason for needing a usb port on their tablet (except to use with their console controller).

So I have a genuine honest to god question (that also applies to Android fans, since they like USB too, but rarely give reasons why).

Why do you want USB and why do you need USB on your tablet? I.E. what are you planning on using it for?

Thanks to all genuine answers.

(Posting here because the last time this was brought up, they were talking about the Surface. And I don't think it's to presumptive that this sorta all or nothing desire for a usb port on a tablet exists in both the Microsoft and Android camp, though of course there are no doubt some in either camp who don't care about it.)


Specific answers on how you plan on using it, please. And please don't turn this into some lame 'my bla bla is better than yours'. I really am simply curious. As I've said, just because I don't need it all all doesn't mean others don't.