Application Load Time Surface RT

i was really set on getting the Surface RT but i am a bit worried about the performance. i used a VivoTab RT at bestbuy and i noticed the apps takes very long time to load. Basically, i click on something and wait and the circle keep spinning and spinning for quite sometime to the point of frustration. most of these apps didnt have any data on them just empty email and calender. I also used a Yoga next to it that loaded everything very fast and most of the application were full of data (pics, emails, calender full ) on the Yoga. at first i thought this might be a problem with just the VivoTab RT but it seems like the surface has this issue too. In AnanadTech Surface review they mentioned this problem where you have to wait a lot and had a table of apps taking 5-7 sec to load.

do you guys this will be fixed or its the way things are going to be on the Surface RT ?