Troubles preordering the Surface [Update :(]

I made a stupid mistake on the Microsoft Store. I thought I had purchased a 32gb Surface with a cyan cover. When I received my confirmation email, I had actually ordered the 32gb with black cover.

I called, cancelled and re-ordered with the correct items. Problem solved.

I checked back on the website a few days later and noticed that all 3 items (with cover, without cover and cover) were all displaying as "In progress".

I called and they reassured it was cancelled.

Then I get an email saying my Surface had been delayed (like most UK customers). Not happy, but I can live with it. Then I get another saying it's fine and will arrive on the 26th. Woop.

Now I have received an email saying my touch cover has been cancelled. Checked the website and it seems I'm now getting a Surface and a Surface with black cover?!

No idea how this has happened, I don't mind when I get my Surface, I just want to get what I've ordered and not have to keep chasing it up. It seems strange that you can't cancel an order through the website.

Anybody else had trouble preordering?


Today my Surface was cancelled! The money had been reserved in my account, and I had no reason to think anything was wrong. Apparently you can only pay with credit card (not debit), so out of nowhere my Surface was cancelled.

I have called Microsoft and have been told that all I can do is re-order and wait, unbelievably annoyed! The call centre can only change shipping details, they can't even change my payment method for my cyan keyboard even though it will decline.

The woman on the phone tried to reassure me by saying that some people order on the 26th and received their tablets on the 29th.. that's most likely because that was my tablet! :(

Has this happened to anybody else?