HP Spectre One

I have a question for anyone who know's the answer. So I have decided with my taxes I am going to buy a new computer -- an HP Spectre One. I choose this one because of the NFC and the non-touchscreen. I personally just don't want a touchscreen on my desktop. Anyway, my question is about the NFC feature.

I like how I can log into my computer using my NFC tag. From what I understand the tag can be placed on anything, they were just showing it on a piece of paper. But my question is what if my phone -- the Lumia 920 (I'm going to buy one of those with this computer) -- has a NFC chip? Can I program it to let me sign in using my phone's built in NFC, or would that not be possible? Or do we just don't know yet?

Anyway -- what do you guys think? Anyone else want an HP Spectre One?