FedEx says I'm not getting my Surface until Monday, 10/29 :(

I pre-ordered my Surface RT 64 GB with Black Touch Cover on 10/26. As o this point, I did not get a shipping notification from MS. I followed the route to check by reference on FedEx site and what do you know, I saw that my Package was in transit and scheduled to be delivered on the 29th before 10:30 AM.

Worried, I called FedEx and spoke to the rep and asked her if there was a possibility I might still get it tomorrow even though it shows up as Monday delivery. She looked it up and said, there is no way, I will be getting mine tomorrow as the package left China today. Even if the flight lands tonight US time, this was shipped in a 'Bulk Shipment' method and they usually leave it a day in the US customs to clear the packages.

So, given that, I was told I will only get it on Monday. BTW, I live in central NJ.

This really SUX.

I am going to the MS store tomorrow morning and try to grab one and reject this shipment.