The Verge - Why haven't you reviewed the Samsung Ativ PC?

Hello, my name's Ryan and I'm a frequent user here on The Verge. Tomorrow is obviously a very special day with the release of Windows 8 as well as a whole arsenal of Windows 8 tablets. I've been following the Windows 8 tablet story since Christmas of last year. Probably the biggest reason I'm so interested in Windows 8 tablets is because of their applicability to school and business. I understand that iPads are great for school and education but the biggest problem I have with them is that they don't feature accurate styli like Windows tablets do.

Last year I made a list of all of the features I would like in a Windows 8 tablet. Here it is:

1080p HD screen
128 GB+ SSD
3+ gigabytes of RAM
Finger print reader
10+ hours of battery
Sensitive pen and eraser
Accurate pen and finger input
Place to store pen
USB input
Retractable keyboard (Detachable)
Mobile 3G/4G/LTE capabilities + GPS
(Pressure sensitivity)

For the past several months I've been looking for a Windows 8 tablet that will satisfy my needs. It wasn't until this summer that I found out about the release of the Samsung Ativ PC Pro on October 26th (tomorrow). This tablet has everything I would need in a tablet and more.
Here's the link:
The question is, why hasn't The Verge reviewed this tablet yet? It looks incredible! I was interested in the Microsoft Surface until I found out that the pen version comes out later in December.
- Ryan