So, i am in a pinch. Windows 8 Convertible, or Macbook Pro with Retina Display!

I know that by posting in this specific forum i will find it very hard to get an unbiased response to this question, so i will post in both the Apple and Microsoft forums and see what both people say.

What i need is you arguments for and against, as well as a final decision.

Basically, after my current laptop (a 15" Windows 7 PC) died a death, i need a new computer. Up until i saw the Windows 8 convertibles, i was always sold on the idea of a base 15" Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

Okay, now for my personal details.

I currently already have a windows desktop computer which i use for gaming, and will probably use a lot for programming. This same desktop also has ubuntu installed as i plan on doing some coding for linux as well.

during my computer science course i hope to gain experience programming on a range of different systems, hence my wish for a Macbook Pro instead of another windows PC. Before it died, i mostly used my laptop for note taking in class (using onenote) and the odd game here and there, although most gaming was done on my desktop. I also used my laptop for coding every now and then.

So which should i go for, the Macbook or the Windows 8 convertible. I will also be open to other alternatives (such as the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display)