Android and those Developers...What does the Future Hold?

So we all know in regards to the Tablet space Android is struggling with those nice Niche apps that basically kinda suck when used on a Tablet. We also know this issue can only be resolved with getting developers to start developing more on Android.

Now when Honeycomb was released, the Android team was lazy and really did not provide developers with good tools to encourage them to develop for Android, plus with the not so great hardware Google could not make any headway.

Enter 2012. I think the Android team has done a good job to entice developers on Android. With the release of Android 4.0 ICS we saw the introduction of the Android Design Guidelines, offering developers guidelines on how to better make quality apps. Mainly pushing the minimal Holo Design. In addition ICS brought the convergence of a phone and tablet app. Allowing developers to be able to make 1 app which changes based on device. Google has also provided the likes of:

In addition Tablet market share has made a significant shift in the Android space. Strategy Analytics released their market share analysis today showing some positive numbers for Android based Tablets. With more people starting to move toward Android tablets, and few quality apps, it introduces an untapped market for developers to capitalize on Strategy-analytics-q3-2012-tablet-market-share_medium


These are just a few but I think they are important steps to entice developers to build better quality apps for Android. With the release of the Nexus 7, the upcoming release of the Nexus 10, and the design Guidelines (which were released in January 2012), and the numerous tools Google has implemented since then and finally the uptick in sales, I think we will start to see significantly more tablet Apps for Android in the coming year.
What is your take on this?