Will Google bleach Android 4.2 for the 4th Nexus?

I've been thinking about it for a while. Ever since the Galaxy Nexus/ICS were introduced, I learned that the OS had mainly black/dark UI on purpose since AMOLED screens turn off pixels entirely to display black. Thus, extending battery life. (you see where I'm going, right?).

If the 4th Nexus (won't call it Nexus 4 until it's officially announced by Google themselves) is to feature an IPS display, that would make it the other way around. IPS screen consume less power on white pixels, more power on black pixels. So, anyone think it's possible that Google will release this next Nexus with a lighter-colored stock OS?

The Android Police investigated an APK and they found that the current (dark) stock gallery app will be replaced with a lighter (white) one in an upcoming Android OS update:


Source cdn.androidpolice.com

LG are actually advertising their new IPS display for consuming much less power than the competition (they mean Samsung here) OLED screens on white backgrounds. IPS panels are generally like that, it's expected. But LG

"The screen reportedly consumes 70% less power while using a white background. That’s why most of the phone’s user interface uses a white background." (LG Optimus G review)


Also this segment by LG about power consumption of their newest screen:

LG Optimus G (Nexus) - True HD IPS Plus & Zerogap Touch (via NexusMobilers)