Why I would choose the iPhone 5 over an Android or Windows Phone

I admit when I first saw the iPhone 5, I wasn't exactly impressed. As an iphone 4 owner, I thought that it was just a longer iPhone 4/4S and actually I do still think it looks like that. However when I sat down and thought about it, it's so much of an improvement over past iPhones. The processor, the display...they all add up to make a fantastic phone. Plus, while I like and admire many android and Windows handsets, they never seem to be as stable as my iPhone. In my phone, I need something that just works, and that is what my iPhone offers me. Therefore the iPhone 5 is just my natural choice. For a tablet however, I'm pretty much sold on the fact that i'll be buying a Nexus 7 to compliment my ipad 2. I'm completely open to android, just not on my phone right now.

Let me know your thoughts.