Will Windows 8 Fallout Grow Apple and OS X?

I have been running Windows 8 on and off since RC, and I've reached the conclusion that its a very alienating experience for traditional PC users. I have gone as far as to install Start8 to bring back the start menu and make it usable for me as a non-touch user. I feel this has created a real identity crises for the desktop computing environment, and one that will not fair well for Windows. I do believe that people looking for a "traditional" desktop computing experience will begin to leave en mass to OS X and Apple. I can tell you as a life long Windows user, I will absolutely be making the move to Apple, who seems to understand that Desktops and Tablets are two different things.

So my question is this:

Do you believe Apple and OS X will see significant growth in the next few years due to the Windows 8 desktop identity crisis?