I installed Windows 8 yesterday - first app related impressions.

Ok, so my 0.02 $

I've upgraded to Win8 on my desktop yesterday (in 1 hour without any problems - veeeeeery easy to upgrade). It runs smoothly with no problems. And there are my first app/store related impressions:


  • Great preinstalled "People" and "Messaging" apps with full integration with popular services like FB, Twitter, messanger, etc...
  • Exellent Skype app
  • Nice Wikipedia app
  • Great search feature (charms menu)
  • Split screen is real nice and useful


  • Too little quality apps in the store. I was first to say: "it is not all about the apps", but after visiting the store, I can say that lack of apps is really a problem for now. Of course apps WILL come, but in comparithionwith iOS and Android, new Windows. The quality of icons was really poor in some cases. I think microsoft should pay a lot more attention to quality of the overal desing of third party apps and the icon design in particular.
  • It's a little awkward to use touch-friendly interface with keyboard and mouse. Howewer, after getting used to all the shortcuts it won't be a problem.

PS: For now (untill there are very little good productivity apps), majority of things on Win8 you will be performing in desktop mode - with occasional use of split screen.

Share your impressions!