I ordered an iPad Mini...but I have one huge concern!

The non-Retina Screen. After owning the iPad 3, and the iPhone 4S for all this time, every time I look at an iPad 2 or a laptop with a non-retina screen, all I see is big glaring pixels. Once you go retina, it is so hard to go back. Non-retina screens look like pointillism to me.

That said, Josh and others who have held the iPad Mini claim that the screen is really great, despite not being retina. It has the same DPI as the iPhone 3GS, which also concerns me because if I look at a Pre-iPhone 4 iPhone, the screen looks awful to me. Presumably, you hold the iPad mini further from your eyes, so that 163DPI resolution might seem higher at a comfortable distance.

I am a little concerned that on November 2nd, I am going to open the box and be wowed by the new hardware. But once I turn on the screen, I fear that I will see big annoying pixels, and either convince myself to keep it because it is "good enough" or possibly return it. I'm hoping that I turn on the screen and breath a sigh of relief that the screen is better than my low expectations.

Anyone share the same concern?