Should the Verge have a business correspondent?

Working in the media provides a very open perspective on device's and technology. There are certain things that the verge audience has experience with that the Verge staff doesn't deal with on a day to day basis. CRM, and ERP for one, using a work phone, or selecting one out of a bunch of old phones is another, which enterprise PC is the best to be had, all of these topics the Verge staff may not have intimate day to day knowledge of. I was wondering if they might benefit, from this perspective of a regular basis.

Obviously they couldn't be permanent staff that would defeat the purpose. Maybe they write a feature every so often, or could get called in for their opinion. If this role already exist it would be great to know. I know Nilah( I hope I spelled that right) once talked about calling his brother in law how was a lawyer to get his perspective. Any info comments are welcome.