Samsung ATIV SMART PC - First Impressions

So I just could get my hands on the Samsung ATIV Smart PC at a german retailer "Media Markt".

Unfortunately I couldn't download and install any benchmarks but here my impressions so far:

The build quality is ... well ... it's Samsung. Solid but only plastic which feels very cheap in the hand, it's not that premium feel what I would expect of a 699EUR device (about 900$, including taxes, smallest version without dock)

But what I didn't like even more was the display. Colors looking washed out and let the tiles of Windows8 look kinda poor and dusty. Also at any movement it looked very blurry. The size of the 11,6" display felt just right as I dont't need a ultra portable tablet, I would use it mainly at home on the couch or in the bed.

BUT ... 1368x768 on a 11,6" device just looks terrible! One advantage of Windows 8 and the tiles are the shape, they are rectangles so you won't see any unsharpness and little edges as you would on a round icon like on Android or iOS. So for me on a device with this size of the screen, 1368x768 is an absolutely "no-go". It's time for the full 1920x1080 experience! Text in IE10 looked very uncrisp and so did everything else that wasn't drawn in straight vertical or horizontal line.

What I was looking forward most was the CPU, Clover Trail. And the performance was just as I wished it to be. The System was very snappy, felt fast and responsive. Apps started up fast enough for my feeling, not like on my i5 desktop system but that's nothing anybody should expect and so didn't I of course. As I want the full Win8 experience and run some older and ligh legacy apps, the Clover Trail felt pretty right for that. Also the IE10 rendered pages very fast and was responsive at every second, even with a flash video running.

On the other side, I don't know what to expect from the GPU, PowerVR SGX545. I played a GameLoft title, "Shark Dash". Didn't look like a heavy performance game, but it was laggy and no real fun to play. Just likewise "Cut the Rope", it was smoother but suttered also a bit. I hope these were only issues caused of missing updates of the games or something like that.

So to sum it up: I really, reaaaally expected more of this tablet as it was one of my favorites. At this price tag i imagined something more premium, something sharper, just something that feels just right. I hope I could provide you something interesting. Sorry for grammar, if you find something wrong you can keep it.

Questions? I'll try to answer as far as I can.