Magic Trackpad with Windows 8?

Hello everyone,

As most of you, I downloaded Windows 8 recently, and while I did not have a lot of time with it, I understand that a trackpad makes navigation on it easier, when compared to the traditional mouse and keyboard combo (I'm rocking a desktop).

So, while I was considering if I should take a hard look at Logitech's and Dell's offerings, I remember that my father has a bluetooth Magic Trackpad from Apple tucked away somewhere (he sold a Mac Mini and kept the trackpad).

As much as you might like or dislike Apple, I think it is unanimous that they make pretty good trackpads, and considering that it costs zero dollars for me, I want to give it a try with Windows 8.

So, my question to all of you is: Has any one done it? And do drivers exist that enable multi-touch gestures using it with Windows 8?

Thanks everyone!