Can we please stop judging the Nexus 10's design already?

Its really frustrating me right now. People everywhere saying how ugly it looks without even holding it in their hands once. I for one, am not ready to pass judgement on it yet based on a few blurry shots. Let it be released, let people actually hold it in their hands and THEN judge empirically whether you like the design or not.

1) There was a massive amount of outrage, similar to this when the SGS3 was announced, but when people actually held it in their hands and reviewed it, they realized that it was actually quite decent.

2) The back seems to be made of aluminium or some other high quality material (even if it seems a bit glossy) so you can expect the in-hand feel of the device to be quite different compared to Samsung's other tablet ventures.

3) I'm not saying this as a Samsung fanboy. In fact, I quite hate the design of pretty much every tablet they have come out with till now. I just feel like we should give Google the benefit of the doubt in this case. If it does turn out to be uninspiring and horrendous upon launch, then I shall be the first person to denounce it.

tl;dr: Let's not jump to any conclusions about it yet, wait for it to launch!