Android Tablet Interface Needed Changes IMO

I really do not like the direction the tablet interface is going with Android. Google needs to rethink their plan with one thing in mind, "This thing is a computer, not a blown up phone"

With that in mind I think three things would really help them to make the tablet more efficient as a computer:

1. Make the navigation bar at the bottom the "everything" bar. Put the Nav buttons on the left and then beside that put the app button and shortcut buttons. Sort of like this (but on a tablet instead of a phone):

The biggest thing this does is make task switching one touch instead of two.. which I think will do loads for multitasking.

2. Make their apps (and encourage their devs to make their apps) fully featured when used on a tablet. Anything I can do on a desktop, I should be able to do with the interface on a tablet. One example is the Google calendar app, which doesn't have the same functionality as google calendar in a browser.

3. Further to that, I think that they at least need a tablet app identifier in the play store. I'm all for the same app scaling up for use on a tablet, but at least let me search for the ones that do!