Was upgrading to Windows 8 the right decision??

Installed on my computer last night after saying I wouldn't update my workhorse...However I did and I'm so glad I did...It's fantastic...Have had no issues what so ever and installation was a effortless! App's are great and a lot of fun to use and they're actually useful. Built in apps are great and setting it up was just as simple as the installation.

Thought I would have issues with the no touch on my computer and working with Windows 8 but can honestly say I felt very natural straight away and after 30 minutes of using it was like I had been a using the OS for years.

Microsoft were right, I didn't use the start menu and I have no need for it now with the new start screen...Search is extremely good and anybody moving from 7 or below will really love the search. ..Just hit windows key and type what your looking for in your files..apps...web etc.. With 2 actions I was looking at auctions for a new office chair in the ebay app! Searching inside the people app is easy aswell and a lot easier than looking through the list of 100's of people (facebook contact and twitter really fill this up)...There were a couple of hiccups with the search with no results found being found but only happened twice and hasn't happened again!

The start screen is great...Loved spending time putting my stamp on things and making it mine and most importantly making it useful! Now I have everything I want just right there, Working with "Modern UI" cough "Metro" along side the desktop is great and just makes the overall experience feel "right"

Smartglass was great fun although this will only be useful to me once I get my tablet (Surface more than likely) but the concept is great and I'm really looking forward to seeing what developers do with this! There is actually quite a large selection of apps in the store at launch and I've managed to get almost all the ones I wanted...Just waiting for some UK broadcasting companies to catch up and make their Xbox apps available on Windows 8. Being honest I cant see what all the fuss about lack of app is all about...Their are plenty at the moment and more will be coming along everyday. All I hope is that developers don't build all the same kind of apps that can be found on iOS and Andriod and actually use the features & API's Windows 8 has given them...do that and there will be some killer apps!

Do I sound like a fanboy?
God YES and I'm actually proud of it..and more importantly I'm proud of Microsoft for doing an great job and taking this huge risk! For me it has well and truly paid off!!

Final Note:
It Feels good to be home!
I've come home from my love affair with apple and I'm back where I belong. Windows 8 , Windows 8 RT , Windows Phone 7 (Soon to be 8) and Xbox.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes and if you have made it through my many rambles then here a chocolate cookie for you!