Got back from Time Square Microsoft Store - Random Thoughts

I had the opportunity to go to Time Square today and I was able to play with (briefly) a lot of Windows 8 and RT devices while I was there. I am more interested in the Intel devices because I need my itunes and google chrome ( I am against ecosystem lock-in of any kind). Here are my thoughts.

Surface RT - Very nice hardware. Type cover is very comfortable. I agree with Josh's review that the form factor is awkward as a tablet only device. Playing with the device made me desire the Surface Pro when it comes out. Information on the price and battery life is something I am waiting for. In the end, the awkward aspect ratio is what may keep me away from this device.

ASUS tablets - Meh hardware. Looks like any other Android tablet I have seen before. Hard to get excited about it after you have seen the Surface RT.

Samsung tablets and Laptops - They look decent (not great) and are decently priced. These might have the best value of everything I have seen today. Not very exciting but practical (which can be said about Samsung as a company)

Sony - There was a slider style (convertible?) laptop. The lack of a trackpad will keep me away from this.

Toshiba - The worst of the bunch. Nondescript, unexciting laptops. Don't remember if there were any tablets.

Lenovo - The Yoga was an awesome device. Great screen, Great keyboard. Only problem is this: when using it as a tablet, the keyboard is what you feel on the bottom. Not sure if I will like that for the long term. If I can get over it, this would be an excellent device for me.

Acer: Now here is the star of the show! Acer S7 laptop. The most beautiful ultrabook I have ever seen. Makes me forget about the Surface. If the battery life holds up, this is the one to get. If that screen was detachable from the keyboard, (not practical, I know, because the screen part is very thin and doesn't house a battery) I would have bought it right then. Well, not really, I am very careful with my purchases.