I really love the 16:9 ratio

So I just got back from a Microsoft popup store, and after playing a while with the Surfaces, I really like the 16:9 ratio. It's different of course, but to say it's uncomfortable? No way, it just feels so great in the hand. It feels just like a notebook. In landscape mode, it works awesome specially if it's on a table. And for this reason, I was kind of worried that portrait mode was going to be weird. It was not. Loaded up IE and many webpages look awesome on portrait mode, less scrolling, more screen. Specially because many webpages are designed to be slim.

I liked it a lot, many people prefer the 4:3 ratio, but for me, the 16:9 is awesome. It also feels great if you just hold it under your arm in one hand, for example while walking to some place. It just feels right.