Windows 8 and crappy track pads

Today, I went into Currys (for anyone outside of the UK this is a large electronic retailer) to check out what they had on offer for Windows 8 laptop hardware and as far as I could tell, there was very little new that was made for it and just lumped on old hardware really bringing down the experience. There are gestures within Windows 8 that should actually work really well with a track pad but only a few of them seemed to be consistent while others would flip out. An example of this would be 2 finger scrolling on the main Metro start screen. Every laptop will allow you to go left to right you can do just by moving the cursor over to the left or to the right sides of the screen but going too far and activating the charms bar requires you to click which just felt jarring. 2 finger scrolling was also questionable. While some would do the pinch gesture and scrolling just fine, 1 HP laptop I used had a very difficult time telling the difference between the 2. I would 2 finger scroll and instead it would zoom in and out of the start screen half a dozen times creating a very frustrating experience.

Has anyone else tried Windows 8 on a new laptop or maybe even an older laptop? Share your experiences below.