Yet to be Announced 32GB Nexus 7 Lands on Craigslist for $450

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As I was looking to unload a few of my electronics to add some cash to my new iPad Mini fund. I stumbled across this listing right here on the New York section of Craigslist asking $450 for a yet to be released Nexus 7 32GB tablet.

Ad listing excerpt:

SELLING A BRAND NEW, yet unreleased, Nexus 7 32GB tablet. The box and original packaging are all there.
This tablet is not on sale on any store yet. This is an opportunity to get hands on the latest devise from Google, which is sure to be on short supply when released.

As you can see from the source link, the seller included a few images, but the most important image, seen below, features the storage setting option in Android. After enhancing the image best to our abilities, it appears that the device is indeed a 32GB model with about 27GB of storage available.

1Place4Tech has story