iMac Prediction from January 5th, 2012 (no optical drive)

It's probably not all that cool to say this, but I will anyway...I totally called Apple getting rid of the optical drive in a forum post back on 1/5/12. I felt sure of that and that it would be thinner.

I was half way right on some stuff and very wrong on others.

I thought there would be flash - there sort of is with the fusion drive.

I thought we'd get a Retina display - as time got closer, it seemed more evident that wasn't likely.

Mostly, I was way off with how thin. I did a photoshop that was still way too thick right on the edge. The thickness in the middle might not be too far off.

I guess I can't claim to be Nostradamus, but it was nice that my main reason for posting a prediction was the thought that they'd axe the optical drive and I didn't really hear anybody else talking about that possibility.

How many people were surprised by the superdrive leaving the iMac?