Calling those who are interested in the Nexus 4 and swear by their vehicle dock!

I'm interested in in the Nexus 4 but I was just thinking what kind of car dock it's going to have now that the pogo-pins are gone? I thought the official Samsung vehicle dock for the Galaxy Nexus was kind of expensive but it's convenient at least. I just dock my phone in there and it charges+sends audio to my AUX input.

I know that Motorola use an interesting design with their car docks, there's a micro-USB connector in them and then there is this 1 cable that connects to the dock and splits near the lighter charger end for AUX out.



But do you think LG is reliable to release a product with a similar solution? What is their history in car accessories with previous flagship phones? I'm like a lot of you, have never owned a high-end LG phone.

Just the idea of having something like this is scary to me..


Then having to do this as well plug in a 3.5mm cable for audio..


What is to be expected for a non-Motorola phone without pogo pins?

Thank you