IE10 and Do Not Track

So I know it's old news, but I've been wondering what's happening with that whole "Do Not Track will be ignored in Internet Explorer 10" situation.

From Wikipedia: "On September 7, 2012, Roy Fielding, an author of the Do Not Track standard, submitted a patch to the source code of the Apache HTTP Server, which would make the server explicitly ignore any use of the Do Not Track header by users of Internet Explorer 10. Fielding asserted that Microsoft's decision "deliberately violates" the standards of the Do Not Track specification because it "does not protect anyone's privacy unless the recipients believe it was set by a real human being, with a real preference for privacy over personalization." Fielding also felt that Microsoft knew its "false" Do Not Track signals would be ignored, and that its goal was to effectively give an illusion of privacy while still catering to their own interests."

My question is, if you are using IE10 and you actually do want DNT, how are you supposed to get around the whole "we're ignoring DNT signals from you because of your violating browser" deal, short of using a different browser?