My 0.02 $ on smoothness/"lag" issue on Win RT.

I have an Win 8 Pro on my desktop. It is really smooth, but it takes a few seconds to load some apps and more than few seconds to load Photoshop, Matlab, etc...

So is new Windows "laggy"? Hell no (in my humble opinion)! It is the fastest Windosws I've ever had. For me it is obvious that some complex productivity apps will take longer to load. It's not an issue. It is natural.

I agree there should (and I hope it will) be an update of some built-in apps to optimize it (mail client, app store), but... I don't expect every app to load in 1-2 seconds. Some complex, resource-consuming apps will take longer to load.

<strong>iOS is really responsive and fluid</strong>. I totally agree. But do you think that you can run on it 10 apps including office apps in real multitasking mode with no lag? I don't think so. iOS is really well-optimized but in some cases they avoid laggingness by... avoiding to bring some powerfull programs/apps. So the smoothness of the system is achieved at the expense of some productivity.

Everyone should ask himself if he need a super-smooth OS like iOS or real powerful and productive one, like Windows RT/8. They're completly different - I cannot say that one of them is "better". It all depends of your needs and expectations.

What are your thoughts?